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Eros Candusso

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Experience a better relationship with yourself and with others

I am different from other therapists since every therapist is somehow unique regardless of the similarity of their approach.

I am a friendly and empathic male counsellor and psychotherapist. With over 18 years of training and experience in the field I provide psychotherapy and counselling in Sydney CBD for individuals on personal issues, self development and relationship counselling for singles and couples, including those in gay and lesbian relationships and people repartnering in mature age relationships.

In counselling sessions with male and female clients, I aim to offer an effective alternative to the psychotherapy view of the medical model. This type of work may seem like just having a social conversation, yet you may soon realise that it is a very special and effective kind of conversation and that this type of meetings has helped people free themselves of burden, and transform their lives.

As a registered counsellor and psychotherapist, I base my work on sound psychodynamic theories and a trusting and collaborative relationship between you and me. Our therapeutic relationship can help us to understand how you experience those issues that are affecting you at present and the world within you and also in your relationships with others, intellectually and emotionally.

My role as psychotherapist is to support you in an explorative journey, helping you to deal with problems in new ways, and progress towards greater self awareness and a more resourceful and satisfying life.

Personal Counselling


Individual counselling and psychotherapy are ideal for a single person wishing to deal with anything from anxiety, depression, relationship problems, low self esteem and lack of confidence, phobias and many other issues.

Counselling  psychotherapy for individuals can provide an experiential guide to reflective change. It is a powerful healing method that I combine with the deep wisdom of Existential Psychology, Self  Psychology, Jungian archetypes and the current clinical studies on the healing qualities of Psychodynamic therapy.

My personal approach is a holistic view to therapy which heals the whole person: mind, spirit and body.

In order to create wellness, I offer two stages of therapy, and not just the reduction of symptoms but also an in depth conversation that guides you into the heart and soul of what truly matters to you and the skills required for successful change.

Relationship Counselling


Counselling on Skype

Online Counselling




If you feel that your relationship is in crisis, one reason may be that your relationship is facing a changing stage. All couples relationships evolve through different stages at different time and will shift back and forth from stage to stage. These are developmental stages necessary to the process of being in a couple's relationship. These stages are not fixed or linear and may repeat overtime. The romantic stage may feel as gone or moved to the background and most monogamous relationships pass through a similar stage. Couples who have experienced arguments and fights may fear a painful relationship breakup and need to assess their commitment and trust. For most couples, wanting a healthy and fulfilling relationship will not be possible without experiencing most of these stages. If something in your relationship is not working it is worth exploring together what relationship stage you are in right now.

Many researches have proven that Online Counselling can be as effective as Face to Face counselling psychotherapy. As for the Face to Face therapy the success of Online Therapy depends a lot upon how willing and engaged is the client. Often a person responds better in Online Counselling than in-person sessions, since is more open to disclose in E-therapy sessions because he or she feels more anonymous, and this can be beneficial. Online Counselling can be ideal for many individuals but more convenient for those who are often too busy to schedule a counselling appointment, too tired, or inconvenienced by distant location and find difficult to travel. Someone may feel anxious to go through the process of going to see a qualified professional in person. However, for most Online Therapy can be a first step in taking a positive action to change and doing something about an aspect of their life that needs improvement.

In my professional experience I have worked with singles men and women and with couples of various cultural backgrounds, religions and life aspirations. They did find with me the help that they were seeking when they were looking for:

Individual Psychotherapy or Relationship and Couples Counselling

Many were looking for support during major life changes and challenging emotions like Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Trauma

Others were seeking help with Grief when dealing with Loss and Bereavement

Many did find counselling supportive for Anger Management and Drug and Alcohol misuse or for Compulsive Behaviours like Eating Disorders or around Self Esteem and often Loneliness

Counselling and psychotherapy have proven beneficial around Sexuality Issues like Sexual Identity and Infidelity or lack of Intimacy.

These listed symptoms are in the majority of cases resolved and improved with Psychodynamic Counselling therapy since in most instances they point to issues emerging from formative stages of personality traits with set believes and a lack of Self Awareness and Self Authenticity

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy deals with the depth of the human mind.

This form of therapy explores the patterns of thoughts and the strive for attainment of Self Realisation and Individuation as shaping stages in the continual lifelong Personal Development.

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