About Psychotherapy


Having some psychotherapy is just about the most significant and interesting thing you could do to improve your chances of contentment - in relationships, at work, and with friends and family.

Online counselling: Pros and cons

Advantages and disadvantages

Online therapy, or online counselling as some call it, is a relatively new option for obtaining help for mental health issues, with a growing body of research supporting its effectiveness. In this article you'll find a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

Online Counselling & Traditional Face-to-Face Counselling

Online Counselling

Particularly within the last decade, online counselling has been established as a method offered by therapists more frequently. A development that can be regarded as beneficial, because now people can get help regardless of their location. All that is needed is a computer with a stable Internet connection and a communication software like Skype, which is provided free for downloading.

Counselling for Men

Counselling for Men

For a very long time men were seen as warriors, responsible for taking care of their families, tribes, and communities. This attitude of seeing males remained imposed by cultural traditions and contributed immensely to the limitation of a modern man’s emotional world. However, present day psychology explains the traditional distribution of roles between men and women in a new way, of “roles fluidity” and sheds new light on the complex role of male emotions, relationship dynamics, and behaviour in men’s issues.


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